How does the street get brighter?

Wi­th LED light­ing tech­no­logy installed wi­th Hoyer mach­ines.


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With our as­sembly solutions you can improve the re­li­abi­lity of your production systems and estab­lish your­self as a ze­ro-de­fect manufac­turer.

Our solutions will enable you to produce even large prod­uct ranges with short change inter­vals ef­fectively and eco­nom­ically. All the rel­evant production processes are mon­itored, recorded and stored in databases for trac­ing. Well-designed ma­ch­ine concepts guar­antee you flexibility so that you can respond to mar­ket changes quickly.

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Assembly machine for steering motor sub-assembly

Vehic­ular automation requires re­liable steering motions. That is why process secu­rity has top prior­ity in the manufac­tur­ing of electromotive drives.

Clean­li­ness and the secure mon­itor­ing of all as­sembly and test steps form the basis for this. Whether in the prepa­ration of compo­nents on complex bending and cutting conveyors or dur­ing resistance welding of electric compo­nents – ev­ery step is re­liably executed and guar­antees a well-function­ing production system. From strip han­dling through in­serting the compo­nents into the injection moulding ma­ch­ine all the way to stor­ing the fin­ished mod­ules in pal­lets, the compo­nents are constantly han­dled with extreme care.

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