How does a vacuum clea­ner actu­al­ly suck?

By means of fan impel­lers that are in­stalled wi­th Hoyer ma­chines.


Industry solution Ho­me ap­pli­ance tech­nology

We achieve syner­get­ic ef­fects by combining expe­ri­ences from the automation of automotive compo­nents, med­ical en­g­i­neering and mechatron­ics.

These are then deployed in the devel­op­ment of high­ly auto­mated production systems for house­hold technology. The collab­oration of all employees and the return, anal­ysis and consol­idation of acquired exper­tise for new devel­op­ments pro­vides high­ly so­phis­ticated technology for our customers.

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Complex manufacturing system for fan wheels

The right drive is the most important compo­nent in taking care of house­hold chores.

The devices’ increas­ing performance requires increas­ingly precise manufac­tur­ing. The fully auto­mated production system includes a number of connected fa­cilities, including two Hoyer transfer systems, a circular table for as­sembly as well as an automat­ic lathe and measur­ing ma­ch­ine. Process mon­itor­ing and an integrated full mon­itor­ing of the axial run-out guar­antee the tur­bines’ lifecycle – even at 50,000 rev­olutions per minute. The va­ri­ety of models with 20 differ­ent ge­ome­tries requires high flexibility. The set­up downtime is 20 minutes, with ref­er­ence to full performance af­ter restarting.

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