How to sew a wound with only 3 stitches?

Wi­th surgical needles that are manu­fac­tured by Hoyer ma­chines.


Industry solution Medical technology

In the field of medicine, single-use systems en­sure the pa­tient’s safety.

They are therefore required in enor­mous quantities as a basis for var­ious treat­ments all over the world. This results in extreme require­ments regard­ing productive capacity in manufac­tur­ing. Clock rates for your Hoyer as­sembly fa­cilities are counted in millisec­onds. We know the sector of med­ical en­g­i­neering – from sur­gical sew­ing ma­te­rial to single-use sy­ringes, we will show you the way to success.

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Test equipment for inhalers

Inhalers can save lives. Their uncon­ditional function­ing is a chal­lenge and an expectation.

Random tests of compo­nents are required dur­ing production for the approval of the prod­uct. Pressure test­ing up to 2000 bar, measur­ing force-deflection curves in halting and perfo­ration processes, high prod­uct flexibility – these are the chal­lenges such systems face. Thanks to our mas­tery of clean­room-approved ma­ch­ine constructions and our expe­ri­ence in the as­sembly of med­ical equip­ment, we are able to make our own con­tri­bution here to healthcare.

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