The Com­pa­ny Hoyer Montage­tech­nik GmbH

Innovative prod­ucts, re­liability and quality in special ma­ch­ine construction since 1991.


Hoyer Montagetechnik Company

We offer our clients innovative prod­ucts for special ma­ch­ine construction. Our fields of application include the automotive, med­ical technology, mechatron­ics, and home appli­ance indus­tries.

Hoyer re­alizes the ma­ch­ine devel­op­ment and ma­ch­ine manufac­tur­ing entirely in its own fa­cilities. State-of-the- art equip­ment and high­ly quali­fied employees are the foundation of the productiv­ity. More than 50 experts are active in the compa­ny today, a third of them in devel­op­ment.

Hoyer is a sought-af­ter apprentic­ing compa­ny and thus secures its technical ta­l­ent. Part of the compa­ny’s phi­los­ophy is a modern man­age­ment approach, the key concern be­ing the motivation of employees. We maintain co­op­erative relations with our customers, employees and suppli­ers. The ori­gin of the compa­ny is the automation of watch making technology.

Our history

  1. 1991

    Formation of the Hoyer Montagetechnik GmbH

  2. 1992

    First orders are completed successfully.
    Number of employees: 3

  3. 1994

    Move to the new company building in Schwarzhausen.
    Number of employees: 10

  4. 1995

    Development and successful implementation
    of the innovative Hoyer transfer system.

  5. 1998

    Expansion to 1000 sqm of development and production area.
    Number of employees: 20

  6. 1999

    The company is awarded the “Oscar for medium-sized businesses”.

  7. 2006

    Hoyer Montagetechnik is suitable for the future.
    The switch to 3D-CAD Technology Pro/Engineer is complete.

  8. 2008

    The floor space is expanded to 1900 sqm.
    Number of employees: 40

  9. 2009

    Hoyer received certification for ISO-9001:2008

  10. 2011

    Hoyer celebrates 20 years of company anniversary.

  11. 2016

    Hoyer assembly technology is 25 years and is best Ready
    for the future - structured as modern industrial operation.

  12. 2019

    With the integration into the Focke Group, Hoyer secures the best opportunities for the future.

  13. 2020

    Room for growth:
    With the acquisition of the neighbouring property, Hoyer doubles the area.

  14. 2021

    Hoyer Montagetechnik turns 30.
    Number of employees: 58