Who care for fresh air dur­ing the ride?

Sensors, which are mounted with Hoyer mach­ines.


Industry solution Mechatronics

We love chal­lenges. The technolo­gies of preci­sion me­chan­ics, electron­ics and microsystems en­g­i­neering are our forte.

They are applied in manufac­tur­ing systems for new, innovative prod­ucts. The main issue is improving technical safety, energy ef­ficiency and comfort in­side the vehicle.

Solutions Mechatronics

Fully auto­mated as­sembly cell for gas sensors

Platinum has a melting point of 1763°C. To make wire con­nec­tions between a conductor plate and a chip requires an precise micro welding technology.

The ge­ome­try of the sensor can be well mon­itored at the end with vi­sion systems. The quality of the weld, howev­er, is secured with­in the process it­self by high­ly sensitive technology and data man­age­ment. The solution devel­oped by us works extremely re­liably.

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